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Open the foil package and take out OK anti mold ecochip.   Put OK anti mold ecochip into dispenser and take out ecochip from the narrow slit.   Place OK anti mold ecochip into shoe box and close the shoe box immediately.  
Place packed shoes boxes into outer carton and seal immediately.  
【A】 Seal the narrow slit with tape to preserve unused OK anti mold ecochip.
【B】 To preserve unused ecochip slide the clip to close .
  1 / Please keep the product in the dry and cool environment, away from direct sunlight.
  2 / Unused OK anti mold ecochip should be stored in Dispenser provided and sealed.
    It should be use as soon as possible for best effectiveness.
  3 / While the sealed shoe boxes are reopened for QC inspection, anti mold factors will be released into the open air.
    Please replace new pieces of OK anti mold ecochip for best effectiveness.
  Exposed ecochip must be replaced with new ecochip.
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